White Water Rafting Adventure Awaits You In The Smokies

Hot, humid days of summer are here. Looking for adventure, but don’t want to melt in the heat? We have just the thing for you! White water rafting! Smokymtngetaways.com wants to help you enjoy this fun adventure. Details will be in the article for a chance for you to win a day of rafting.

05-24-12-100-www.bigcreekexpeditions.com-021What exactly is white water rafting? White water rafting is an extreme and recreational outdoor sport. An inflatable raft, oar, lifejacket, and paddle are your tools for your adventure. Teamwork is needed to navigate the river and to get through the rapids. Rafting with a reputable company is a very good choice for you and your group. A reputable rafting company will have the proper equipment, safe guides, no procedures, and have a working knowledge of the river you are rafting.

The Pigeon River in the Smoky Mountains offers two different options for rafting. The Upper Section launches out at the TN/NC state line. This section has 10 Class III rapids and 3 Class IV rapids. The classification system of these two classes range from medium to large waves, rocks, drops, sharp maneuvering, and precise maneuvering; which will require teamwork, listening to your guide, and hard work, but every minute is fun and worth the effort. You will be crossing the Appalachian Trail and enjoying beautiful scenery in your trip. Your trip on the Upper Section covers 6 river miles, usually 1.5 hours on the river. The minimum age requirement for this trip is eight years old, no experience necessary. The Lower Section on the river is more of a scenic trip for those not ready to try out white water rafting yet. The trip typically launches from the outpost of your rafting company. This trip is 5.5 river miles and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. You will enjoy beautiful scenery on the floating trip. Minimum age requirement for this trip is 3 years old, no experience necessary.

While experience for you is not necessary, choosing a licensed and professional outfitter is necessary. Your safety depends on you having someone who is knowledgeable about the river and being able to keep you safe at all times. In order for your guide to do a proper job you have to give them your full attention on the water. Instructions can change minute to minute, but great fun can be had by all. Most of the guides have such a love for the water that they make your experience very pleasurable. When you check-in the day of your rafting trip you will typically be shown how to use the proper safety gear, given instructions, and fitted with the right equipment for your trip.

There are several rafting companies in the Smoky Mountains who would love to take you on a trip down the Pigeon River. Smokymtngetaways.com would love to help someone take a trip this summer. We have an 8 person rafting trip give-away on our Facebook page. Go to Smoky Mountain Getaways on Facebook to enter our contest and hopefully you will be the lucky winner of a rafting trip this summer!

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